Resin Flooring portfolio

Our portfolio pages are devoted to providing a view of the work that we have provided to our clients.

Here we have several projects that highlight our work.

ATF Lane Project

This Customer required ATF lane markings installed, but the floor was in a bad state. Key to the success was the preparation, repairs to the surface, and a great looking finished through black and yellow exposy resin.
  • 1.
    The first step is to prepare the floor by diamond grinding the area
  • 2.
    The the floor is sealed with epoxy primer, and any necessary repairs completed
  • 3.
    The black exposy layered is applied first, then left overnight
  • 4.
    Once cured, the yellow epoxy layer is added

Trowel applied Floor

This customer wanted a trowel applied floor but had tiles down already so we needed removed all the tiles, before installing a trowel applied epoxy floor.

On the first day all the tiles were removed and the base was prepared using a diamond grinder providing a  good foundation to work with. Following this preparation, two coats of a damp proof membrane is applied to fully seal the base.

On the second day, the trowel applied floor is added with a thickness of 3cm which levels the floor and provides a strong layer for the final coating.

The final day sees us marking the bays and adding boss anti-slip strips that the customer had requested.

  • 1.

    The first step is to remove the existing tiles

  • 2.

    We then prepare the floor by diamond grinding the area

  • 3.

    Two coats of damp proof membrane are applied, and left overnight

  • 4.

    The trowel applied flooring is added on the second day

  • 5.

    On the third day the bays are marked and boss anti-slip strips are applied

Hazardous Chemicals area re-flooring

For this project our customer had an area where they used hazardous chemicals. The project requirement was to seal and repair the existing floor.

The first stage required that we hand grind the floor all over and take the floor back to the bare concrete foundation. This removes any old paint or contaminants in the floor, and in this instance we needed to repeat the process twice as the floor was in a bad state of repair.

We then sealed the whole area with a product that acts as a damp proof membrane making sure we sealed round every machine that was in place including the side walls of the chemical area. In all, we applied three coats of the damp proof membrane so the area was completely sealed and no chemicals would leak threw.

Once this process was completed, we then carry out repairs to the floor before a 3 mm thick trowel applied floor surface is added. 

The customer was 100 percent satisfied with the outcome and they now had a totally safe working area what was fully sealed and any spillage would be contained.

Existing resin floor re-surfacing

For this project contact the customer already had a resin floor installed but wanted it refreshing. Rather than have the standard re-coat they decided to have another 3 coat system installed on top with anti-slip coating in heavy traffic areas. 

Existing resin floor re-surfacing and repair

For this project the customer already had a resin floor installed and wanted a fresher look for there customers.  

The first step was to clean the whole floor so no oil or grease or any other contaminants remained. We then applied repairs to any area of the floor that had damage. Once this process was completed we embraced the floor all over.

The final coat was installed, and we added the  additional lines and anti slip strips requested by the Customer. 

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