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Donnelly flooring is a leading epoxy flooring specialist in the resin flooring industry, and we have been installing flooring systems for over ten years. We have a vast knowledge of every flooring system from screeds to epoxy and even water based products.

Donnelly Flooring has over 15 years experience with concrete and concrete floors, so we know especially what is needed for each floor type to get the best possible outcome for your project.

We offer floor installations to work round our customers needs in order to have the least impact on  your business, consistently working weekends and in normal business down time after hours.

Our experience with Customers and projects of all types means we can complete the perfect installation for your business.

Commercial resin flooring systems

Donnelly Flooring offers our services to commercial Customers for a variety of projects including.

  • re-surfacing of existing resin flooring systems

  • new resin flooring systems

  • Anti-slip surfacing and lane markings

We have extensive experience installing resin based flooring systems in all types of commercial environments. 

Our aim is to provide a service with minimal disruption, and we often carry out work to complete our projects out of normal business hours during the evenings or over weekends.

Residential resin flooring systems

Donnelly Flooring also offers our services to residential Customers.

Did you know that resin flooring systems can be used in residential settings such as Kitchens, Bathrooms, and Garages? You may also be surprised to learn that Residential Resin Flooring Systems can be installed at a cost which is comparable to traditional tiling systems.

Resin Flooring systems can also be provided in any colour, and what’s more they can also include a multitude of surfaces and patterns that can be tailored to any style. The hard wearing nature of resin flooring systems means they will last and there is no wastage. The resin flooring system fits exactly to the flooring space you need covered, so there is no paying for flooring covering you don’t need.

Donnelly Flooring can install a resin based flooring system for your residential project starting from as little as £13-£15 per square metre. 


A typical installation

The first stage is preparation by either diamond grinding or blast tracking the floor.

It is important to create a finish so that the resin can get key to the surface. 

The second stage is priming the floor and laying the then laying the primer.

Then first colour coat which gives the floor the build & highlights any repairs needed 

The final stage is repairing the floor sanding it all over & laying the final coat.

Lines are installed after the top coat has dried.

The final result is a hard wearing, clean and functional surface.

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